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Archaeology Alive is a growing, developing platform for- and about the archaeological world. Our aspirations are to inspire each other by sharing out of the box ideas, crossing the bounderies of our own disciplines. Our goal is to make archaeology accessible for everyone.

By joining together we aim to embed archaeology into our society. A different point of view stimulates inspiration!

Get inspired by:


#archaeosuccesses are national and international examples of inspiring public activities involving archaeology. These activities are usually realized in close cooperation with other cultural disciplines, such as fashion, technology, arts & crafts and design. How can poets, refugees, cooks and a local pastor contribute to archaeology? Sharpen your senses: you can now see, taste, hear and feel the past.

Interviews, inspiration and tools

Read interviews with innovative and creative thinkers, get inspired by an international film festival or international archaeology events. And most definitely, do not try to re-invent the wheel by yourself. Different tools are available to help organizing your own activities. Are you eligible for a subsidy? And how can you get teenagers and youngsters involved with your project? Don’t forget to read about the inspirational research we did about what youngsters like and dislike about archaeology. Research bureau Qrius summarized the results.

How do you do it? National & International

Curious about how others do it? Adventurous archaeologists, artists and other inspiring thinkers from the Netherlands and abroad will take you on a journey to reach new target groups, as well as to keep those fanatics hooked. Will they give you a glimpse into the future of public archaeology?

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Archaeology Alive was made and is maintained by the foundation Nationale Archeologiedagen, and realized thanks to the Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie.

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